“60 Minutes” Goes To Canada’s Yukon To Meet The Mushroom Picker Who Found Billions In Klondike Gold

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What does it feel like to go from being a penniless mushroom picker to a multi-millionaire gold prospector?  The one person you would need to talk to is Simon (last name withheld), who calls Canada’s Yukon his home.  60 Minutes paid a visit to the vast Canadian Klondike region which lies just east of Alaska, because there’s a new gold rush happening there right now.  Very much like the original Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800s which sent countless North American gold hunters to the area in hopes of finding their fortunes, the new gold fever has sparked a similar wave of interest.  This time, however, the speculators have a more corporate look to them.  The new gold frenzy was all thanks to Simon who developed a high-tech method for gold speculation which was inspired by his years of picking pricey morel mushrooms in the hills of the Yukon.  It’s an amazing story, and you can watch it in full above.  One highlight would easily be when a bear sneaks up on the 60 Minutes crew deep in the forest.

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