Long Lost Masterpiece Painting Discovered In Background Of 1999 Geena Davis Movie

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While watching the 1999 Geena Davis movie Stuart Little with his daughter, Hungarian art historian Gergely Barki was shocked when he noticed a long lost masterpiece painting from Robert Bereny entitled Sleeping Lady With Black Vase in the background of one scene.  He paused the movie to take a closer look and he realized he was onto something.  He contacted the assistant set dresser who worked on the film who had bought the painting in Pasadena, California during pre-production of the film in 1998 for a rock bottom price of $500.  Once shooting wrapped, the painting was sold to a private collector for half that price.  Now that it’s been discovered, the painting is set to hit the auction block with an estimated price tag of $325,000.  The painting went missing in the 1920s and had been lost ever since.  (Photo by Getty).

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