This 1958 Clip Of Rick Nelson Singing “Lonesome Town” Is Lovely & Weird At The Same Time

by • September 7, 2014 • MusicComments (0)4539

The 1950s are one of the most fascinating decades in the modern era as far as I’m concerned.  Having just saved the world, we found ourselves in a period of unprecedented economic growth with an unlimited horizon of exciting possibilities in our future.  It was in many ways the last days of innocence, and nowhere is this visible more than the popular culture of the day.  Take, for instance, this 1958 clip of Rick Nelson singing “Lonesome Town”.  The other day I was going about my business at home when I happened to glance at the TV which was on PBS, and there was Rick’s lonesome, clean-shaven face staring right back at me.  I was so spellbound by the music and the strange living room setting of the video that I couldn’t get it out of my head for some reason.  Perhaps it’s the fact that nothing is quite as it appears in the video.  After all, it’s obvious to me that Rick is not singing to the ladies in the room — he’s clearly serenading the hunky blonde guy that sits down on the sofa.  I have a feeling Ricky and Mr. Blonde weren’t so lonesome when they met up at the local motel later that night.

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