Everything You Need To Know About Exactly How To Eat A Lobster In One Brilliant 2-Minute Video

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There’s nothing more annoying when sitting down to a fresh, hot plate of juicy, buttery crustaceans than having all the good meat end up on the floor, in your hair, and all over your clothes.  Some of these creatures are so damn good, but so damn difficult to eat.  But of all these hard shell surgeries, perhaps the most difficult to master is the lobster.  Every time I finish eating a lobster I can’t help but think to myself, “I think I really screwed that up bigtime.”  Now, thanks to the team at the amazingness that is COOKS Illustrated, we can all master the art of lobster-eating thanks to this brilliant 2-minute video they just released from their series America’s Test Kitchen.  Watch below as COOKS Illustrated Senior Editor Dan Souza effortlessly walks the viewer through the right way to crack open a lobster and get at the good stuff.  I would have never thought of using a rolling pin that way!  For more great tips like this be sure to follow America’s Test Kitchen on Facebook, and be sure to enter the mother ship at COOKSIllustrated.com.

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LobsterSource: America’s Test Kitchen

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