My Weekend Begins Here: CLUB MONACO Posts A Brilliant Recipe For Strawberry & Basil Sangria

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CLUB MONACO just posted a Pinterest link to their favorite new recipe, and it goes without saying it’s my new favorite as well.  Sangria is pretty much the greatest invention of all time, but Strawberrry & Basil Sangria could very well take this juice of the gods to a whole new level.  And the best part, according to Tree Hugger: “unlike most sangria, where the recipe is designed to cover up bad wine, this is quite the opposite. It was designed to showcase it.”  Here’s your one-way ticket to heaven in a pitcher:

½ lb of fresh strawberries
1 apple
1 ounce of fresh whole basil leaves
1 bottle of Cline Cellar’s Cool Climate Chardonnay
½ cup organic sugar
1 cup of club soda
1 cup of white grape juice

1. Trim and thinly slice the strawberries.
2. Slice and dice the apple into very small bits.
3. Score the basil leaves with a fork. I did this instead of cutting the leaves into strips as I did not want my guests choking on basil while trying to enjoy this drink. Simply just rub the basil leaves gently with a fork in order to release their flavor in the sangria.
4. Layer the fruit, sugar and basil in a large pitcher and let sit for about 10 minutes. This is just to let the sugar absorb the juices from the basil and the fruit. You’ll see it turn a bit red.
5. Add the club soda first and then the remaining liquids. Stir well and serve.

For more goodies like this be sure to visit the Green Wine Guide, which also has some yummy vegetarian recipes and very clever wine pairings.  You can also follow Green Wine Guide on Facebook and Twitter.  And for more great tips like this be sure to follow the best damn store in the whole wide world: CLUB MONACO.  Photo on left courtesy of Jerry James Stone.

Source: Tree Hugger

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