BMX & Budweiser: Watch RUSH MIDNIGHT’s Dreamy New Video For His Track “Don’t Give Me Your Love”

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RUSH MIDNIGHT (a.k.a. former Twin Shadow bassist Russ Manning) just debuted his brand new video for “Don’t Give Me Your Love”, and if you’re finding yourself dreaming of zipping around your city’s streets with friends on your BMX then chances are you were tapping into Manning’s mindset.  NYLON writes: “The star of the new music video from Russ Manning (RUSH MIDNIGHT) isn’t the Brooklyn-born musician or the many party girls who populate ‘Don’t Give Me Your Love,’ but rather, a bike.  ‘I’ve been wanting to have my 88 Mongoose Decade BMX star in one of my music videos ever since I bought it on Craigslist a couple years ago.  When I met with the director Xander Robin, we agreed the bike would look better on a pretty girl than it would be on me,’ explains Manning. It does indeed look pretty cool — whether it’s being pedaled around Chinatown or through the desolate streets of Bushwick to RUSH MIDNIGHT’s tropical-tinged synth-pop.”  You can read more by visiting  And if you haven’t yet fallen in love with RUSH MIDNIGHT’s “Crush” from last December, well you’re in for one hell of a treat.

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