Music For Freezing Cold Days Of Sunny Good Times: BLACK MARBLE’s New Album “A Different Arrangement”

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Yesterday I took a long walk from my warm and fuzzy apartment in Montreal’s Plateau district aaaaaaaaaall the way over to the freezing cold downtown core, but it wasn’t just my coat and scarf keeping me warm along the way — I had BLACK MARBLE’s amazing new album A Different Arrangement coursing through veins as well.

Based out of Brooklyn, BLACK MARBLE is the moniker of Chris Stewart and Ty Kube and I first heard of them back in July when I fell in love with their single “A Great Design” (coincidentally I was introduced to the track during a different kind of brush with extreme weather which came in the form of a giant summer thunderstorm).  By the time I had made it home later in the afternoon yesterday I think I had listened to the entire album at least three times, and by then I knew for sure I had fallen madly in love.

I can remember back in 2008 while in Los Angeles a friend of mine was interviewing people for a documentary he was directing about different people’s life stories.  His interviewing technique was to ask his long list of deep, carefully arranged, probing questions while the interviewees were driving.  The proven logic behind this is that the interviewees’ guards are down to their lowest when they’re driving which opens the door for moments of huge revelation to be released from the depths of their unconscious mind.  I believe our relationship with music operates in much the same way.  I would argue that wehen we’re sitting in a room sitting still while focused 100% on the act of listening to the music we experience less of the music than compared to when we’re in the middle of an activity.  Whatever happened during my long chilly walk yesterday, BLACK MARBLE’s A Different Arrangement took root deep inside my mind for one of the greatest one-man album listening parties I’ve had in a long time.

You can pick up your own copy of BLACK MARBLE’s amazing new album A Different Arrangement by visiting the band’s label at  For all things BLACK MARBLE be sure to visit them at and follow them on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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