Francis Ford Coppola’s “Epic” Movie For Paramount Will Be Gigantic: Script Spans From 1920s To 1960s

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I have long been an admirer of Francis Ford Coppola and the incredible life and family he’s built for himself: his extraordinary work as a filmmaker goes without saying; his daughter Sofia Coppola is a visionary director herself; his son Roman is a fiercely talented writer and director as well; his “third child by extension” Wes Anderson is one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation; he owns a hugely successful winery in Napa Valley; he own numerous hotels and properties around the world; and the list goes on.  There’s really only one word to say to you Francis — congratulations.

In his decades-long career as a director Francis has been through the studio process and in his golden years he’s become quite open about his faded interest in making studio movies, and his love of the creative freedom that comes with making smaller independent films (i.e. Youth Without Youth, Tetro, Twixt).  But just when you think Francis has sung his swan song to the big studios, along comes the surprising news yesterday that Francis has a gigantic story he’s itching to tell, and he’s found “a secret investor that has infinite money.”  Yesterday Kevin Jagernauth of The Playlist learned of the film’s existence from an interview Coppola gave to Entertainment Weekly which was originally intended to promote a new 5-film Blu-ray box set of his work, but when Coppola let news of his epic passion project slip it quickly overshadowed everything else.

“I learned what I learned from my three smaller films, and wanted to write a bigger film.  I’ve been writing it.  It’s so ambitious so I decided to go to L.A. and make a film out of a studio that has all the costume rentals, and where all the actors are.  My story is set in New York.  I have a first draft.  I’m really ready for a casting phase.  Movies are big in proportion to the period.  It starts in the middle of the ‘20s, and there are sections in the ‘30s and the late ‘40s, and it goes until the late ‘60s.”  And what happened when Entertainment Weekly asked him if the film has anything to do with The Godfather?  You can find out by visiting The Playlist.

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Source: The Playlist

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