Dirty Catholic Officials Across America Caught Red-Handed Bullying Naive Catholics At Election Polls

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Why anyone living in the free world in 2012 would willingly choose to be Catholic is beyond my comprehension.  One of my most recent FEELguide Heroes was the former Archbishop of Milan and papal candidate Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini who said the Catholic Church was “200 years out of date” in his final interview before his death on September 1, 2012 (read the full story by CLICKING HERE).

If Cardinal Martini were alive and kicking today he would also be disgusted by the behaviour of Catholic officials across America these days who have been caught red-handed trying to bully their clergy members and other naive Catholics not only in their congregation, but in their entire email contact lists as well.  There are two stories I’ve discovered in the past few days (many more will emerge in the coming days as well): one involving the dirty tricks of Bishop Ricken of Wisconsin, and another involving the devilish ways of Bishop David Kagan of North Dakota.  I have been extremely vocal here on FEELguide about my disdain for the Catholic Church (read more HERE) and Islam (read more HERE) and how they’ve contaminated the human journey towards enlightenment (read more HERE) — and one could argue that the fight for freedom is a part of the journey towards this enlightenment.  It’s never surprising to see Catholic officials getting out of line before an election.  What does surprise me, however, are the millions of people around the world who put up with it and watch the thick wall between Church and State continue to collapse.  A wall that Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers worked so hard and so long to build.

For more news and information from this topic be sure to follow Separation of Church and State on Facebook.  And after all is said and done and you still want to be a Christian, why choose to be Catholic when you could be part of the amazing Episcopal Diocese of Bishop John Shelby Spong?  A true hero indeed.

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