WARNING: Do Not Listen To Julian Lynch’s Narcotizing “Ground” While Operating Heavy Machinery

by • September 2, 2012 • Me, MusicComments (0)2072

One of my favorite mixtapes is NO FEAR OF POP’s “Summer Promises” which they compiled and released back in July 2011 (download your own copy by CLICKING HERE).  For the past week I’ve been busy trying to meet a deadline and I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy.  For some reason I’ve been paralyzed by procrastination which means I usually end up enjoying the sunny weather here in Montreal during the day, and working from around 7pm-4am.  I find my ability to focus, draw, and create during those hours is at its peak, and those peaks can get even stronger when exposed to the right kind of music.  So when NFOP’s hour-long mixtape got to the 23:00 mark the other night while I was busy drawing at around one in the morning, along came the best damn song on the entire mix: Julian Lynch‘s “Ground”.  I don’t know if it was the late hour or the moon or the song itself or all of the above, but for a brief moment I swore I was high as a kite.  It’s a brilliant track off Julian’s equally brilliant 2011 album Terra which you can pick up via iTunes.  For all things Julian Lynch be sure to visit him on Bandcamp.

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