Experiment Of The Day: Listen To Myers Briggs’ “Between Rooms” The Exact Second You Wake Up

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This morning I pressed snooze on my alarm at 6:00am and by 6:02 I had flicked the space bar on my computer to wake it up.  The first thing I noticed was the key image of an alluring YouTube video posted by Ghostly International, featuring two giant robots — one fallen over in the foreground and one standing off in the distance.  I pressed play and began listening to what turned out to be a thoroughly hypnotic track from Myers Briggs entitled “Between Rooms”, featured on Ghostly International’s must-have compilation album entitled Ghostly Essentials: Rarities Two.  Listening to this song while still very much in a hazy dream state created a momentary window of semi-transcendence in my mind and my entire body.  I kid you not.  The best way to describe it would be that sweet spot experienced by astronauts in training who are sent blasting up in those specially-designed jumbo jets with gutted-out interiors used for simulating zero gravity.  The planes make a series of repeated parabolic maneuvers (similar to the hill-like shape of a roller coaster track), allowing the lucky occupants to experience about 25 seconds of floating in “space” with each free fall of the jet.  My joy ride, however, lasted a few minutes longer than this, as I took in “Between Rooms” in all its glory.  I’m not sure what was going on physiologically with my body during this time under my duvet as the song echoed around my bedroom, but I felt as if I was floating in a cloud of heaven.  I’m not sure it will ever happen again, but hey  — it’s worth a shot.  Tomorrow at 6:00am will definitely be trying to recreate this.  For your own copy of the song, or the entire album, visit Discogs.com.

Source: Ghostly International on Facebook

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