52 Minutes Of Kubrick Heaven: THE CARETAKER’s “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World” Is Blowing My Mind

by • February 6, 2012 • Movies, MusicComments (0)4390

I awoke this morning to a cloudy, half-conscious, post-Super Bowl dream state where I found myself drifting through the sands of an ancient Egypt ruled by Madonna and her two deputies, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.  As one dream faded into another, I pressed play on the following YouTube video I found in my Facebook feed and was transported from the Nile to the Overlook Hotel of Stanley Kubrick’s Shining.  The atmosphere of the extraordinary new album from THE CARETAKER, entitled An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, is highly reminiscent of the gold ballroom scene in the horror classic which finds Jack Nicholson’s character grabbing a few drinks with a some figments of his insane mind.  As I learned more about the music of THE CARETAKER it became clear that his music is directly inspired by this film (THE CARETAKER is, in fact, a long-running project by electronic musician James Kirby alongside his better-known project V/Vm), and you can read more about the philosophy behind his music by CLICKING HERE.  To pick up your own copy of the amazingness you are about to hear be sure to visit Brainwashed.com.  (NOTE: The YouTube video has a terrific breakdown of the tracklist if you open it up in YouTube). 

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