Halls New Track “I Am Not Who You Want” Is Blowing My Mind (And The Video Is Pretty Damn Amazing Too)

by • November 17, 2011 • Music, VideoComments (0)2497

As I was flipping through FADER yesterday, I just came across this phenomenal new track from Halls entitled “I Am Not Who You Want” and I am mild-to-seriously obsessed with it.  The track is, in fact, from their upcoming EP Fragile being released in January on The Sound of Sweet Nothing, and after hearing this I will be the first one to pick it up I can guarantee you that.  The mood of the song is perfectly majestic with the vocal work of Samuel Howard reminiscent of Thom Yorke at his very haunting best, all the while the track slowly spooning in a beautiful velvety beat structure as it fades away into a gorgeous finale.  And as if that wasn’t good enough.  On top of this feast for the ears is a feast for the eyes as well with a video shot by Sebastian Nevols of the BBC’s extraordinary Blue Planet.  Nevols pulls off what is easily the most elegant music video I have seen in ages.  1 cloud of green smoke + 1 red rose = 1 music video you won’t soon forget.  You can follow Halls on Facebook, Soundcloud, as well as his website HallsMusic.net

Source: FADER

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