A Gap Between’s “Orange Horizon” Is Pretty Much Perfect

by • October 7, 2011 • MusicComments (0)2431

I can’t seem to stop myself from repeat looping of A Gap Between’s track “Orange Horizon”.  Although it’s a tiny little thing (less than 3 minutes), it still packs a sun-drenched punch and leaves me aching for one more hot summer night.  Can’t believe I have to wait an eternity for another one of those.  But the human brain is easily tricked — our brain literally cannot tell the difference sometimes between thought and reality, which is all the more reason to spin this around as many times as you can to see if you can convince yourself it’s still one of those late July nights when the horizon is almost always orange.  You can follow A Gap Between on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

Source: ISO50

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