Björk Previews Her New (Almost) Perfect Track “Cosmogony”

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Today Björk previewed her latest track “Cosmogony” off of her upcoming album Biophila which has me equal parts excited and furious at the same time.  I heard the instrumentals of “Cosmogony” a while back and was doing backflips because the orchestration is simply too good to be true.  The lyrics, as always, are incomparably breathtaking, but the vocal production makes me want to take my computer and smash it against the wall.  I can’t understand why she keeps destroying her songs over and over again by flattening her vocal layers to the most mundane 2-dimensional result possible.  When you listen to “Cosmogony” you might agree that everything going on in the background is utterly luscious and rich, but her vocal track has about as much depth as a piece of cardboard.  It’s as if the instrumentation is in 3-dimensional technicolor and her voice is in 72dpi black and white.  Dear Björk: please re-produce “Cosmogony” with a vocal track that matches the same level of breadth and color as the orchestration.  I love you with all my heart, but I’m really starting to lose my patience with you because you keep doing this over and over again.  There, I’ve said my peace.  You can follow Björk on her website Bjö, or on Twitter and Facebook.  Take a listen below:

Source: Perez Hilton and Consequence Of Sound

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