Memory Tapes Release Extraordinary Video For “Yes I Know”

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Memory Tapes is the latest incarnation of New Jersey-based musician and producer Dayve Hawk (the former frontman of Hail Social). In July he is set to release his second album Player Piano, and one of the songs from this album, “Yes I Know”, already has a brand new video to go with it.  The video is another certifiably phenomenal oeuvre from Director/Animator/Compositor extaordinaire Eric Epstein, and it follows a day in the life of a man whose body is slowly disintegrating into thin air.  The story is dotted with old photographs from the man’s life which appear to be drawing him into a state of brooding reminiscence and inner reflection as he moves through his home, his city, and his world.  His final day serves as a fitting metaphor for the entirety of a human life as he awakens in a pure state, only to evaporate under the weight of his collective life experience as he moves into the light towards the next dimension — his body gone, but what remains behind?

You can learn more about Memory Tapes at his website WeirdTapes, or follow him on Facebook.  To learn more about Eric Epstein’s creations you can visit him at, and see more of his work on his Vimeo page.

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