ABC News: At 16M+ Hits, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Is A Bizarre Tale Of Death Threats & Pop’s Dark Side

by • March 18, 2011 • Hollywoodland, MusicComments (0)3680

There are moments when pop culture reveals itself for the freak show that it is.  Picture this: in one ear I’m half-listening to the tail-end of The TODAY Show and Hoda Kotb talking about 8th-grader Rebecca Black’s viral YouTube hit song “Friday” and how it’s gotten 16,000,000 hits in record time.  I run over and listen to the song and don’t think much about it.  Then I’m online reading Dlisted and there’s a feature on the same girl and the same song, except with a darker twist.  One second she’s a nobody, and after one sip of coffee she’s bigger than Elvis. Turns out, this young girl has been getting some serious death threats for her rapid rise up the pop ladder.  Is it because she toppled Bieber on the iTunes ranking?  Is it because her voice is Auto-tuned beyond recognition? Is it because the song is a great example of the very worst that popular culture has to offer? Or perhaps it’s because this song promises to be inescapable as it blasts from every shopping mall and Top 40 radio station for the next several weeks or months?

Whatever the reason, it caught the attention of ABC News and Good Morning America. Here’s their disturbing story and you can listen to the song below to judge for yourself.  And be sure to check out Dlisted to keep your finger on the pulse of pop and the viciously addictive humor of its author, Michael K.

Source: Dlisted

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