The Soothing Power Of The “Coronation Street” Theme Song

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Tomorrow’s the big day for movie lovers which means it’s also the day I’m going to vent the most about how much I feel “The King’s Speech” does NOT deserve the Oscar for Best Picture.  Harvey Weinstein is working overtime, once again, using the full force of his influence to manipulate the buzz surrounding his baby and won’t stop his back room shenanigans until he gets that trophy.  Shame on you Harvey: why can’t you just play fair and let the best film win without contaminating the pool?  Anyway, not only have I been hard on “The King’s Speech” lately, but I’ve been especially bullyish towards the British monarchy (but they deserve it: my life-long dream is to do everything in my power to get their sorry asses out of Canada once and for all). Chalk it up to guilt, or a karmic need to balance things out, but I want my British friends to know that I still love them and their culture (my spat with this overrated film and your head of state doesn’t involve you and all the other amazing Brits that make our world so lovely).

As part of this karma-correcting tribute to Britannia, I’ve included the opening theme song from Coronation Street. Any kid who grew up in Canada must know the soothing, healing, and sentimental feelings that quickly wash over us every time this song pops up in the background.  I honestly can’t think of an equivalent song as powerful as this one for warming my heart and soul and sending me to my happy place so effortlessly.  I really have no clue what’s going on plot-wise in the show; I just know there’s a pub, an old lady with big blonde pouffy hair, a fat man with a fat friend, a hand full of cranky twenty-somethings, and lots of brick buildings.

Maybe part of the reason I can never figure out what’s happening in the show is that I can never quite figure out what it is they’re actually saying because of their thick accents.  But it’s all part of the magical charm of Coronation Street. Everything is perfect and safe and peaceful in this world so long as this song is playing in the background:


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