Asobi Seksu “Thursday”

by • February 26, 2011 • Me, Movies, MusicComments (0)2487

Right now I’m having one of those laugh out loud “WTF? NO WAY!” moments brought on by a combination of blog/Shazam/Facebook serendipity.  I was just browsing through YMFY and came across an OK trailer for a new movie making the festival circuit called Blacktino and was intrigued by a song that was used in the soundtrack.  I whipped out my trusty Shazam and pegged the song as “Thursday” by Asobi Seksu.  I jumped onto Facebook to follow them, pulled up their wall, and noticed that they’re playing in Montreal.  Fucking TONIGHT.  At Casa del Popolo.  If that’s not a sign from the music gods above telling me that I must go to this show then I don’t know what is.  See you there!

NOTE: Don’t make any pre-judgements about the song until it breaks open at the 0:17 mark.



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