Which A-List Star Is A Psycho Bitch Who Belongs In A Straight Jacket? (My Guess: Halle Berry)

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First publised in Dlisted (February 24, 2011) by Michael K....Everyone’s expecting the next wave of straight up psycho to hit any time now, or at least just as soon as her current romance sours. Especially those who had experience with it last time, seeing as she keeps picking men who inevitably step out on her. Her ex was cheating, and he wasn’t careful about it. Word got out to a magazine because the other girl talked. She of course lost her fucking shit. Complete meltdown. Which is not unusual, no. But you don’t let them see, right? You should never let them see.

What did she do? Mega A List star calls up the editor. Of a tabloid. And wails her ass. WAILS. Screaming, cursing, threatening… and then this: “I hope that bitch gets cancer. You can print that.”

Embarrassing, right? Amazingly, they spared her the humiliation and did not publish the quote. But the publicist owed some favours after that. And next time, with a new regime, she may not be so lucky.

PERSONAL NOTE: I’m going to guess Halle Berry (“Duuuuh, no shit Sherlock!”) Living in Montreal, I’ve met a lot of people who’ve known Gabriel Aubry and they’ve each testified that he’s the sweetest, most gentle, nicest person they’ve ever known.  I hope he sues her fucking ass leaving her with no choice but to scrub the shit out of truck stop toilets, turning tricks for cash in the back seat of every tractor trailer from Montreal to Albuquerque (and back again).  I also worked with Halle on Gothika, so if you want a few good stories just pull me aside some time.

Source: Dlisted

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