Travel is great for young children. International travel has been found to increase children’s tolerance of other cultures and ethnicities (74%), independence and self-esteem (69%), and willingness to learn and explore (73%), Inc reports. Yet, if oversea’s travel with your kids currently isn’t feasible, don’t fret. There are a number of ways you can still keep your love of adventure alive while inspiring a sense of wanderlust in your own children.

Create an adventure wall 

Displaying photos of your past adventures around your home helps keep memories of your adventures alive while inspiring your whole family with the joys of travel. Your kids will also love seeing them and asking you all about your experiences abroad. A gallery wall, in particular, is  a fun and attractive way to display your travel photos. By deciding on a certain theme or story you want your wall to tell, you’ll have an easier time putting it together. For example, maybe you want to make your most recent adventure the focus. Or, you could opt to feature a photo from each individual country or continent you’ve been to. You can also make your wall look more interesting by featuring photos in varying sizes. Blow-up your favorite photos and happiest memories to make them truly larger than life.

Decorate your child’s nursery 

You can also introduce travel into your child’s nursery with the right decor. For example, a jungle theme works great as gender-neutral decor while encouraging your tot to develop a longing for adventure. Jungle-themed decor can, for example, include wildlife artwork on the walls, a giraffe bookcase, animal-print wallpaper, and leafy green curtains. You can even opt for a more understated variation on this theme by incorporating a monochrome color scheme. Simple black and white animal wall stickers, for instance, are a fun touch while maintaining an attractive, neutral tone.

Read travel-themed stories 

Reading travel-themed books to your children is a great way to teach them all about the world — and there’s so many amazing stories to choose from. For example, Everywhere, Wonder by Matthew Swanson (suitable for ages 3-7) tells the story of a young boy on his imaginary adventures through Kenya, Egypt, and even the moon. It’s a beautiful picture book that encourages young readers to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Or, My Little Cities, New York by Jennifer Adams (suitable for ages birth-2) will take your tots on an exciting tour of the Big Apple. The text is simple to read and illustrations a joy to look at. You can also flip to the back of the book for a reference guide providing more info on the city’s major landmarks.

Nurturing a love of travel in your children from a young age can make them more adventurous, confident, and curious. By creating an adventure wall, decorating your child’s nursery, and reading travel-themed stories, you can keep your family’s wanderlust alive even if you’re stuck at home.

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