Out of all of the rooms in your house, your living room is likely to get the most use. It is where you will sit with family, spend time, and watch television on your own. Some people even sleep in their living rooms from time to time. Because of the importance of a living room to a family home, it is a good idea to take steps to improve its design and make it cosier. The cosier it is, the more comfortable you’ll be when you spend time there.

If you are unhappy with the way that your living room looks and it doesn’t feel comfy, then this post has you covered. Here’s how you can make it cozier:

Fireplace Installation

Gas is expensive at the minute. Millions of people are unable to heat their homes, because of how high prices are getting. One effective way of ensuring that your home is kept warm without having to pay expensive gas premiums is to get a fireplace for your home, ideally, one that uses wood as fuel. The installation of a fireplace can be expensive, but it’s worthwhile. Many older houses have their chimneys blocked up. If your house has a blocked chimney, then installing a fireplace won’t set you back that much, since the company will be able to unblock it, providing it with ventilation. If you do not have a chimney then they may have to put a chimney or another ventilation system in.

Using Blankets

Another way of keeping warm in your living room is to use blankets. Make sure that the blankets that you use are made from wool. A lot of people buy synthetic blankets, mainly because they look nice. However, a lot of synthetics do not actually keep you warm. A heavy wool blanket will keep you very warm. The best type of blanket to get for warmth is a Scottish tartan. Do not confuse a commercial plaid blanket with a traditional Scottish tartan. The latter is a large, heavy blanket designed for keeping people warm outdoors.

Berber Rugs

Another highly effective way of making your living room cosier, and warmer, is to put down a Berber rug. Berber rugs are made by the Berber peoples of North Africa, usually in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Such rugs are usually thick with wool, and very shaggy. Putting one down can help to create more warmth in your house. However, watch out for clothes moths. Because of how thick Berber rugs are, clothes moth infestations can be very problematic.

Comfortable Sofas

A lot of people’s living rooms are not comfortable because they do not have nice sofas. Your sofa can make or break your living room. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to go out and buy a nice new sofa, then you can buy one second-hand. You can get some great deals on sofas second-hand. One of the best things about buying second-hand is that you can specifically target areas where wealthy people live (using location tags on the e-commerce platform you are using) and look for sofas being sold there. Buying from the rich is a great way to get good deals.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are another good investment. The installation of plantation shutters will make your home cosier, more comfortable, and more valuable. However, if you are going to install them, then you need to make sure that you’re installing wooden ones. Wooden shutters can increase your home’s value tremendously. Plastic or metal ones will not really have much of an effect on your home’s value, since such shutters are widely available.

Soothing Colors

Some colours are more soothing than others. One good way of making your living room more comfortable is to repaint it with a soothing colour. A lot of people find beige to be a very relaxing colour, mainly because it’s neutral and not too loud. Earth colours like olive, brown, and even grey can also be soothing. However, take your living room’s design into consideration too. If you have very bold textiles, patterned pieces of furniture, and extravagant art on the walls, then a soothing, neutral colour might not work. You might need to go for something brighter (or plainer, like white) if your living room is like this.

Family Photographs

Hanging family photographs up can make your living room cosier because it is a good way of remembering your family and keeping them close to you all of the time, even when they aren’t there. With that said, do not overdo it. Hanging up too many photos can ruin your living room’s design. Just hang up a few and put a few on tables and cabinets. Family photographs are cheap to print and a great way to improve your living room’s design. Be sure to invest in quality frames for them.

Better Design

You will not be able to make your living room cosier if you do not work on improving its design. A better design is an effective way to pull everything together and ensure comfort. Unfortunately, though, you do need a fair bit of money set aside to be able to completely redesign your home’s living room. If you are on an extremely tight budget, then you might want to wait, or start buying smaller things first, rather than big pieces of furniture. Buy second-hand if you are low on cash.

Useful Gadgets

Finally, consider buying useful gadgets, like smart systems, and installing them in your living room. Having more gadgets can make your living room much cosier. At the very least you should invest in a big television for you and the family to watch. You might also want to invest in game consoles and even a stereo. If you and your family are not television people, then consider buying books and board games, like chess. Filling your living room with gadgets or things you love will make it more comfortable.

Designing one’s living room to make it cosier isn’t always easy. If you are struggling to make yours a nicer place, then follow this post’s guidance. Incorporating the tips outlined here into your living room redesign will make it much cozier.

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