Near-death experiences (NDEs) are a global phenomenon, and as such they are far too often disregarded as a supernatural experience not to be taken seriously. The consistency and strong parallels of these experiences transcend language, culture, and geographical borders — so what if there is something more profound going on here? In an extraordinary feature written for , Maureen Venselaar reveals a fascinating 5-phase theory which explores a possible physics-based understanding of what might be happening during an NDE.

“As we approach the end of life, our sensorial observation decreases, our normal consciousness fades and deep down in our physical body, at the (sub)atomic level, a fundamental process starts which releases a considerable amount of ‘exotic energy’ (i.e., light-energy/photons),” writes Venselaar. “I believe this special exotic energy is the foundation of another, new, pure and perfect body, as well as another kind of consciousness/awareness. With this new body (of exotic photons) we can travel through the barrier of space and time, as those who experience a NDE often report. The NDE is without a doubt a real voyage.”

You can read Maureen Venselaar’s brilliant feature in full by visiting Of all personal testimonies of near-death experiences, perhaps none are more astonishing than that of Anita Moorjani’s. You can listen to Anita tell her remarkable story of her own NDE in the video below. For more amazingness from Anita Moorjani be sure to follow her on Facebook, visit, and read her mindblowing book Dying To Be Me: My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing.

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