Trying To Find A New Instrument To Learn? Here Are Some Ideas

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Instruments are instruments, right? Well, not really. If you’re looking for a new instrument to learn and expand your musical horizons, it can be tough deciding which one is best for you. In this article, you will learn about some instruments that might help you decide what to do next with your musical aspirations!


This small instrument is a popular one to learn to play. It has four strings and is easy to pick up fast. There are many instruments to choose from but if you want an inexpensive option, the ukulele might be the right choice for you! And the best part: it’s portable and durable so that makes it easy to take with you on the go.

Although it may seem like it doesn’t matter what kind of ukulele you pick to play, it actually does a lot. Different Ukelele brands give out different tones and sound so you want to be aware of that when choosing what instrument is right for you. Once you try out a few, you’ll realize which instruments are more appealing to your ears.

The strings on the ukulele are an important feature that can make or break what you end up choosing. Some instruments might have a thicker gauge which means they’re harder to play while others might be thin, making it easier for certain people to pick them up faster. You’ll want to try out a few different instruments before deciding if you like how they sound and feel in your hands! 


If you’re looking for a challenge, this is probably the hardest string instrument to learn to play. The violin is an instrument that takes a lot of practice to master. However, it is possible for anyone who has the patience and motivation to learn how to play this beautiful instrument! There are many instruments you can pick from when looking at learning something new. 

It has four strings and a slender body that is held between the legs. It requires a bow to play it and has four main parts: the strings, bridge, pegs, and tailpiece. Playing this instrument can be difficult at first if you’re learning on your own but there are many courses available for violin students just starting out!


This instrument simply sounds amazing. It is known as one of the most difficult instruments to learn, but learning it can be extremely rewarding and fun. While the saxophone may seem like a new instrument for many beginners, learning how to play this beautiful brass instrument will help you improve your musical abilities and expand on what you already know about music and playing an instrument in general. 

Saxophones are becoming more popular due to their versatility when compared with other traditional wind instruments such as clarinets or flutes because they have all three valves that allow players access to different notes within each harmonic series. Popular artists today use the saxophone frequently including David Gilmour who uses it often during live performances. 

It has a place in many forms of both classical and popular music, and learning this instrument can help you expand on your knowledge of musical instruments and increase the types of genres that you enjoy listening to. 

While learning any new skill is beneficial in its own way, learning how to play the saxophone teaches individuals about their creativity as well as discipline. Playing an instrument requires a lot of hard work and focus which often leads people down different paths throughout life such as studying jazz or even an orchestral degree. 


The guitar is possibly the most universal and most popular instrument in the world. It is relatively easy on the fingers and has a large number of chords available for different situations, which means you can start learning almost immediately after purchasing your instrument. However, there are many genres of music for guitarists to learn from rock n’ roll right through to flamenco. 

Because of this popularity, it might seem like every famous musician has played the guitar but they don’t always use it in their genre or even solo! Here are the genres that use the guitar frequently:

  • rock
  • metal
  • punk
  • funk
  • pop
  • jazz fusion
  • flamenco
  • folk 

It’s also good to learn because of the different styles you can play it including fingerstyle, picking, slap guitar, and strumming. Different styles give different sounds and they all sound awesome when you learn how to play correctly and incorporate it accordingly in a song. 


Drums require a lot of concentration and learning to play can take a while, but learning an instrument is always rewarding, and learning the drums will give you an amazing sense of achievement when you start playing. You’ll also need a lot of stamina. 

Drums are one of the most popular instruments in modern music because they represent the backbone of the rhythm section in almost all musical genres created in the 20th century. 

It’s also really fun to play along to your favorite songs with a set of drums. It allows you to let out steam and you’ll feel awesome while playing it. Make sure to learn different techniques and explore the different sounds of the drums.


The piano has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular instruments to learn due to its versatility. Many piano players have come from a very young age, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned at any age! You just need someone who will teach you and patience because piano takes time and dedication to master. It’s worth every minute.

You might think piano comes easier than other instruments such as guitar or drums, but many people struggle with learning chords on the piano so don’t get discouraged! 

Over the years the piano has found a place in many genres of music from classical, piano rock and roll, jazz, blues to pop. Every piano player has a different story on how they got into playing the piano but if you have an interest in learning it’s up to you to find someone who can teach you. 

Knowing how to play an instrument makes you look cool and learning multiple ones just enhances it. A ukulele is a cute thing to know and you can bring it along wherever you go, while the violin is one of the biggest challenges you’ll forgo. The saxophone sounds awesome in all genres it’s used and the guitar is a universal instrument everyone loves to hear. Drums are awesome if you have the concentration and the stamina to play them, while the piano gives a beautiful clean sound and can be used in tons of different styles. Make sure to stay focused, patient and persistent when learning them!

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