As your bundle of joy gains more cognitive functions, you want to build a safe and baby-friendly household to assure your kids of safety. Parents can be overwhelmed with the number of gadgets necessary to tailor the interiors to their children’s needs. There are certain aspects that are particularly crucial to take into consideration while adjusting your household when the baby arrives. For example, imagine your baby gains the ability to walk around. Your role is to take all the preventative measures to secure the sharp edges and stairs before your kid starts to explore the place. There are many ways to improve your place in order to feel calm while your bundle of joy decides to play in your house. If you are interested in making your house more kid-friendly, stay with us to find out more on that subject!

1. Improve Sleep Quality of Your Kids

Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life; it doesn’t depend on how old we are. Being well-rested is crucial in order to improve our health significantly. For this reason, one of the first steps you should take to make your home more friendly is to create a space in which your children will be able to rest well after a whole day full of adventures. Design your kid’s room with the highest purpose to make it a calm and comfortable place for sleeping. ‘Good quality sleep plays a pretty important role in keeping your little ones healthy,’ say specialists from Ted & Stacey’s Mattress GuidesIt is also crucial to emphasize the importance of darkness in your kid’s room. Light or lack of it can help your kid fall asleep faster during the day as it is the time for a nap or to wake up in a natural way. Look for some light-proof curtains or roller blind to achieve the effect.

2. Focus on Electrical Safety

Electricity is a dangerous thing once your kid is able to walk. The perfect solution to this problem is to look for some outlet covers! This is an affordable way to keep your kids safe while playing in areas where electrical outlets are easily accessible. You can always easily lift up the covers and still conveniently use the outlets whenever necessary.

3. Secure Bookshelves to Walls

An invisible but crucial idea to keep your household baby-friendly is to secure your bookshelves to walls. When the kids start to crawl and move around, bookshelves might become quite dangerous furniture around your house. In some cases, your little ones might start gripping the objects around rooms to stand up. By making this household improvement, you can avoid any unpleasant situations which might injure your baby.

4. Learn more about Durable Fabrics

To keep your surroundings clean, invest in durable fabrics! Here are some of the examples you definitely want to implement to your interior to save some time on cleaning.

  • Microfiber – this stain-resistant material comes in different textures. Some of them are smooth, just like suede, which can actually make your place look more sophisticated.
  • Wool – this material is known for how easy it is to clean! All you might need is a suitable fabric cleaner and vacuum to keep it a good condition.
  • Vinyl – might be a more affordable leather-like option that will assure you with an elegant look and easy maintenance. All you need to do to keep it clean is to spray it with water and wipe spills away.
  • Leather – the most pricey yet best-looking option for sofas and chairs. Furniture covered in this material can be cleaned mostly with just water or specially made products.

5. Invest in Stain-Resistant Paint

Walls in neutral colors can be extremely hard to clean. While your kids run around the household, it is much more likely to make your walls look less presentable. How to prevent that? Look for dirt-resistant paint, which is much easier to clean!

6. Consider Furniture with Round Corners

It is pretty easy to hurt yourself while your furniture has sharp corners. Buy a round coffee table to make your living room safer. Some companies offer temporary solutions such as clear edge bumpers as this option is much more affordable and invisible, so it is pretty worth trying!

The Final Words

Making your home more friendly for your bundles of joy might be time-consuming, but it is totally doable to make your home look presentable and safe but still fun. You can look for innovative and affordable ways to secure sharp corners of the furniture or, if possible, don’t hesitate to invest in more high-quality solutions as they can really improve your family’s way of living. The most important part about making any changes in your interior is functionality. Make smart decisions based on your plan. We hope this article will help you to make your home more baby-friendly and functional!

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