When most people think of travelling with kids, they think of road trips dealing with tantrums and spilled drinks. It’s common for people with kids to plan the same holiday year after year, which can be boring for you and means that your kids won’t get to enjoy different experiences. However, there are ways to make the journey with kids more bearable, and here are some suggestions for families who like to travel in style.

Rent a Luxury Car

If you and your family feel cramped while on the school run, then a long drive with luggage isn’t going to be any fun. Upgrade your drive by renting a luxury car for your journey. It’s not necessarily as expensive as you think, and you can choose a model that’s larger than your usual car. A seven-seater is good if you want to avoid kids arguing on long trips, and some cars include features such as plugs to charge gadgets and built-in entertainment systems.

Renting a bigger, luxury car is great for holidays, as you don’t have to deal with the expensive maintenance and running costs year-round. Instead, you get to enjoy all the extra features when you take it on the road for your long journey.

Upgrade Your Flight

Flying isn’t the most pleasant experience at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got bored children who want to get up and wander around. When you need to fly with kids, it’s worth considering an upgrade, as it means you will get more space, better entertainment, and better food. Check different airline’s websites, and you’ll see the different facilities offered for kids. Some families even consider private jet rental for their holidays. While this sounds like something only the rich and famous could afford, if you’re travelling with extended family or a lot of kids, then it may work out to be less expensive than several first-class tickets.

Another advantage of upgrading your flight is that you get through check-in and security faster. For example, many private jets take off from a separate area to commercial flights, so you aren’t dealing with the stress of getting the kids through the long security lines.

See if There’s a Luxury Liner Going Your Way

Admittedly, this option isn’t for people who are short on time, but if you want to travel in style and are taking an extended holiday, then travelling by boat may be an alternative to consider. It turns the journey into an adventure for kids, and as a bonus, you may see some interesting sites along the way. For example, if you travel from the UK to New York by boat, there are options where you’ll enjoy stops in Iceland, Nova Scotia and other beautiful places along the way. Best of all, the boats are very kid-friendly, with lots of entertainment and comfortable accommodation.

Travelling with children doesn’t mean that you are constantly stuck in economy class or need to suffer discomfort. If you travel in luxury, you often get more family-friendly facilities, from amenity kits to bigger seats and more privacy, all of which help make a journey with kids so much easier.

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash



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