Planning to Propose? These Are The Top Romantic Places Aside From Paris

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Paris has always been a go-to place for romantics, making it among the top destinations for proposals. However, if you don’t want to ask for your partner’s hand in the most predictable way, there are tons of other options that you can have that will not give them a clue about your plan to propose. Aside from Paris, here are other destinations that you should consider if you plan to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage: 

Cinque Terre, Italy

If you plan a trip to Europe, don’t bring her to Paris. Schedule a trip to Italy instead, specifically to Cinque Terre. This small town is famous for its colorful cliffside villages located on the western coast of Italy. Want to make it more romantic? Hire a rowboat, set up a romantic dinner, and pop the question. With all the colorful images of homes on your back, your partner will definitely answer you with a resounding yes!

Santorini, Greece

Planning a getaway to Greece will surely give your partner a clue into what you plan to do, but there is still a way for you to surprise them during this trip. Scout the area for some of the finest wineries to explore and head to a lovely villa where you can whip up a meal and present her a Rosados Box to make for an intimate and truly memorable proposal. 

New York, New York

A proposal is a perfect reason to plan a trip to the Big Apple. The city may be busy night and day, but it has a certain charm that can make your partner feel special. Make them feel like they are on top of the world by heading to the Empire State building and popping the question as you gaze at the beautiful skyline of New York City

Sunset Cliffs, California

California has perfect year-round weather, making it among the best destinations to propose. Just imagine offering your engagement ring to your partner with a postcard-worthy panoramic scene as your background. You can even hire a professional photographer to capture the special moment. 

Geirangerfjord, Norway

Another equally picturesque venue that can provide you with the best backdrop for your proposal is Geirangerfjord. To some, this place in Norway is something out of a dream with its gorgeous landscape and beautiful waters. Before popping the question, enjoy a hike or take a kayak around the area to enjoy nature and its undeniable beauty. Then, once you’ve taken a good trip around, it is time to go down on one knee surrounded by the cascading waterfalls. 

Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia

If you want to go tropical for your proposal, you can never go wrong in choosing the captivating Anse Chastanet Resort in Saint Lucia. It is the very definition of an unforgettable experience that you and your partner can experience. With the many activities that you can enjoy, from scuba diving and snorkeling, you’ll be thankful that you have your loved one to share this place with you. With the beautiful scenery as your background, you never really have to prepare anything fancy at all. Just take a knee and say the words, and you’ll undoubtedly hear the answer you’ve been longing for. 

Planning a wedding proposal to the love of your life can be nerve-wracking. You want to choose a place where your partner won’t have a clue that you are proposing. While Paris received its moniker for being the City of Love, it is still good to explore other places that are just as romantic and majestic that can convince your partner to say “yes”. 

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