Nowadays more and more people want to know how to start getting more likes on Instagram. It’s a rare user who won’t get frustrated when they end up getting a few likes on the photo they considered worth singing its praises and thousands of likes. If you want to escape this sad lot, take a look at the six tips you can implement today to get more likes on your posts and a good deal of kudos attached to it. You may also want to check out the following link You can benefit a great deal from Instagram growth services that can bring you real followers and numerous likes. So, let’s just dive right into it.  

# 1 Use the Right Hashtag 

Our first tip is using the right hashtags. We know that you’ve heard a lot about hashtags before, and you’ve probably heard hundreds of instafamous bloggers talking about it, but the reason why it comes up so often is because hashtags are really vital to your Instagram strategy. In fact, hashtags make all the difference in whether your posts get seen by thousands or a handful of Instagram users. So, you really need to make sure you have your hashtag strategy figured out.

When it comes to hashtags, our primary tips are you want to use 30 hashtags on every single one of your posts. Some people may convince you it’s spammy and irrelevant to your Instagram success. Be sure to ignore such statements, because it’s absolutely not. Truth is, hashtagging is by far the best and simplest strategy that can help you get more Instagram likes and the most exposure on your posts. So, use 30 and make sure they’re descriptive of your account as a whole and not necessarily just the image at hand. For instance, if you’re posting a picture of you walking through ancient ruins, you still want to hashtag that your account is about, say, lifestyle blogging or Instagram tricks or whatever. And you don’t want to be hashtagging a specific historical place, a landmark, or something like that. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract people who are potentially going to buy or invest in whatever you’re selling. If a user ends up on your feed as a result of clicking on the hashtag Eiffel Tower and realizes that you’re going to sell them a coaching package, chances are they will get flustered by such a misalignment. 

The last thing is you need to avoid super popular hashtags. If a hashtag has like 5 million posts associated with it, be sure to steer clear of using it. Posts are being added to such hashtags virtually every second, which means that your photos are going to be buried underneath tons of other content and hardy anybody will see them. 

# 2 Write Engaging Captions 

Your image is what’s going to get someone to stop. Therefore, you need to have only high-quality images on your feed. But your caption is what’s going to get someone to actually engage with your post and eventually leave a coveted like. To get that like and that connection through your caption, you want to make sure that you’re relating to your audience. So, write specifically for them. You may share a story they might relate to or a vulnerable statement about yourself. You may also want to tell your potential likers what was happening in your life when you uploaded this or that photo. In other words, be personal. Infuse yourself a little bit more into your captions and that’s what’s going to create a bond, a relationship between you and your audience. By doing so you’ll attract more likes on your Instagram photos. 

# 3 Use a Call to Action 

The third tip is you should use a call to action in your post. Again, it’s a very simple tip, but people often miss it. Every time that you upload a post is an opportunity for you to ask your audience for something. Generally, you see a call to action that is like “click the link in my bio to learn more” or “comment below if you’ve had this experience.” Those are great examples of calls to action. So, if you want to get more likes for your posts all you need to do is to ask for them. You can simply say, “If you agree with this then leave a like” or something like that. If you think it’s way too banal or simple, watch the videos posted by the most followed people on Instagram. They all openly ask for comments and likes and don’t regard it as a shameful practice. 

# 4 Tag Relevant Accounts

Our fourth tip is tagging relevant accounts. Undoubtedly, you’ve come across tagged accounts umpteen times. It’s when you scroll through your Instagram feed and tap on an image, you can see all those people who have tagged accounts in their photos. You can actually click through to those people and go over to their accounts. The point is that if you tag relevant accounts in your content, not only will the tagged users get a notification and potentially come over to your feed, bringing alone more engagement, but you’ll also show up in their tagged photos section on their profiles. So, if any other user lands on those profiles and checks out the tagged photos, chances are good they will want to check out your content, too. That being said, don’t rush to tag accounts indiscriminately. It’s critical that you tag only relevant accounts that actually appear in your photo. You can tag the shirt you’re wearing, the earbuds you’re using, the photographer that took your photo, and the friends that appear in the photo. Tagging haphazardly may occasionally attract a bunch of new users to your account, but since they have nothing to do with you, you’ll not get the expected engagement. 

# 5 Host a Giveaway 

Hosting a giveaway on Instagram may seem to be a win-win strategy. But to get the most out of it, you need to set some rules. Liking your photo, tagging a friend, following you, or interacting with your posts in some other way must be a mandatory condition for entering your giveaway. In essence, putting on a giveaway is your opportunity to ask for exactly what you want in exchange for a giveaway item. 

# 6 Engage Every Day 

Need more engagement on your Instagram posts? Be ready to engage regularly yourself! The formula seems to be as clear as day, But lots of people forget that social media is all about being social. So, make it a rule to go on the app every single day and be ready to bestow likes on other users and give comments to your target market. As the old biblical proverb says, “treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” That being said, don’t attempt to go on Instagram and like dozens of random posts right away. You need to make sure you’re liking the content of your target audience. See how it works. When you give engagement to the person you think is going to benefit the most from your feed, you thus encourage them to come over to your account. And as soon as they realize that your content actually resonates with them, you’ll get that long-awaited engagement.  Knowing who you’re marketing to is what’s going to make or break all of your efforts. If you need help determining who your target market is, be sure to research relevant articles which are plentiful on the Internet. And if all else fails, you can always buy Instagram likes.

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