Often mistaken with the island of Great Britain (and the entirety of the United Kingdom), England is actually its own distinct region, and every tourist’s dream. Bound by great rivers and small streams, centuries-old romantic castles, luscious greenery, and an enchanting landscape, England has always been a magnet for tourists, but the weddings of British Royal Family in recent years have created renewed interest in the area. Now, more than ever, more tourists are itching to get a glimpse of England in all its magnificence. From London, to castles and palaces, famous teas, stunning architecture, Stonehenge, the city of Manchester, brilliant gardens, and the hub of literati, England abounds with experiences to keep you coming back. Due to limited time and resources, England should be taken in small bites, which is why we have compiled a list of tourist attractions you should add to your bucket list when coming to England.

Bath of Somerset

This is a large city in Somerset, England. Bath is a beautiful city in the south of England to explore. Its honey-colored bath stone is structured around its spring. If you are a lover of spas, this is the place for you. From Roman Baths, Thermae bath spa, Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent, the Bath Assembly Rooms, to the Pulteney Bridge, among other riveting views, the Bath of Somerset is worth your money and time.


Also called God’s Own County, Yorkshire is a beautiful part of England. For art enthusiasts, hopeless romantics, and lovers of arty scenery, Yorkshire is the place for you. Its gorgeous landscape serves as a stunning backdrop for the homes of the area, oftentimes resulting in the most magical and ethereal views. You will find in Yorkshire a wild coastline, national parks, Victorian architecture, and the World Heritage Site of Saltaire.


If you want to catch the enchanting sunrise, then Suffolk should be top of your bucket list. Suffolk tells a story of history and personal victories through its towns and small villages. It is laced with culture revealed through rich food and wildlife along the entire Suffolk Coast. The timber buildings, rugged roads, and churches combine to create the most picturesque town. You can visit Suffolk with your motorhome and look out for the Constable Country, the Brecks, the Thetford forest, New Market, Bury St. Edmunds, Ipswich, or Shotley Peninsula. These are places that are blessed with activities and views to make your visit a truly memorable one.


Bristol is next in line for our top places to visit in England. Bristol is known for its hipster picnic spots, and no matter where you find yourself here, there is always something to keep you entertained. You’ll even find plenty of terrific aquariums. Also known to be very festive during the summer, Bristol holds its annual Harbour Fest each year which is always fun-filled and entertaining. Second to this is the International Balloon Fiesta, one of Europe’s top hot air balloon events. Other great places to visit are Olive Shed, the Stable, or St. Nick’s for a great meal.


Cotswolds is a city that straddles the 21st century as well as the Middle Ages. This part of England is characterized by its galleries, monumental museums, and fun festivals. Each season offers a different kind of beauty, and for tourists who fancy places with comfortable hotel rooms at affordable prices, Cotswolds is one with some of the most affordable accommodations, located in a landscape decorated with daffodils, animals, and lush greenery. To enjoy most of this, check out Arboreta, Batsford, and Westonbirt.


The most popular city in England is London, of course. If you’re up for some retail therapy while on holiday, London is home to some of the most extraordinary shopping in the entire world. Ultra cosmopolitan, easy to navigate, a variety of transportation systems, rich scenery, restaurants, bars, theaters, and music festivals, London attracts people from all over the world to work, go to school, live and visit. When visiting, get ready to see its major landmarks like King’s Cross-St Pancras, Embassy Quarter, Battersea Power Station, British Museum, the Royal National Theatre, and Tate galleries, just to name a few.

South Dorset

England has some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, and South Dorset is no exception. When visiting South Dorset, get ready for dreamy landscapes, great seafood, exquisite restaurants, and outdoor activities to keep you busy for your entire visit. Apart from being one of the most beautiful places in England, South Dorset is also known for its Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Coast is a major tourist attraction for England, and it runs through to the East Devon, then the Old Harry Rocks close to Swanage in Dorset.

Also blessed with gorgeous beaches is Durdle Door —  an archway made of stone located over one of the beautiful seas of Dorset, which is perfect for a kayaking tour. If you are a lover of antique spaces, Corfe Castle is definitely for you. Corfe Castle is an old castle, which inspired Enid Blyton’s Kirrin Castle. Corfe Castle in Dorset is perfect for great pictures and to explore with friends. Another place in Dorset you should see is Tyneham, quiet and hidden but is a tourist’s wonderland. Tyneham is known to be a ghost village formed during WWII and still has some houses with scars of from the war.

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