Watch Denmark’s Hilarious “Do It For Mom” TV Ad Aimed At Getting Danes To Have More Sex

by • October 5, 2015 • Advertising, Funny, TelevisionComments (0)3924

Like many western countries, Denmark’s population has hit a dry patch. With a booming senior population this spells trouble because there will be fewer people in the workforce to pay for the country’s welfare system. As part of their effort to fix the problem, Denmark initiated somewhat of a reversal of its school sex education program — instead of teaching kids about the dangers of pregnancy, now they’re championing the benefits instead. And recently, Spies, one of Denmark’s most popular travel companies, is using the demographic downturn to its advantage with a hilarious new ad campaign aimed at boosting its bottom line — as well as the population. “In spite of some progress in 2014, there are still not enough babies being born in Denmark. This puts both our welfare society and Spies’ future business under pressure,” reads the company’s website. “Still, those who suffer the most are the mothers who may never experience the joy of having a grandchild. But don’t despair.” you can watch the laugh-out-loud results above.

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