The Spirit Of Zion: 40 Doctors Worked 10 Hours To Give This Amazing Boy His Dream Of New Hands

by • July 29, 2015 • InspirationComments (0)2044

8-year-old Zion Harvey is the first child to ever receive a double-hand transplant. Having lived most of his life without hands and feet — which he lost when he was 4-years-old from an infection — Zion is now ready to embark on a whole new chapter of his life. A team of 40 doctors, including 10 surgeons, worked tirelessly for 10 hours in 4 separate teams to attach Zion’s new hands earlier this month in a complex operation conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. But as impressive as the surgery is, it’s Zion’s extraordinary spirit that has captivated the world’s attention. As you will see above, although he’s only 8, this kid’s soul is more inspiring and life-affirming than some civilizations I could name. (Photo courtesy of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

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