LINKguide (May 15, 2015)

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☛ These photos of Australian rugby player Kayne Lawton (above) will play a big part of my dreams tonight (OHLALAmag)
☛ Harvey Weinstein really wants Jake Gyllenhaal to win an Oscar, and more lessons from Cannes Festival (VANITY FAIR)
☛ This brand new device known as The Human Charger™ might just provide the best cure for jetlag that we have (PSFK)
☛ VIDEO: the Octobass is 2X the size of a bass, makes a cello look tiny & there’s only a few of them in existence (Kottke)
☛ The Berry gives us 20 of the world’s hunkiest sets of twin brothers and I’d take a double dose of #1 and #20 (The Berry)
☛ Read WIRED‘s Katie Palmer’s fascinating new feature “A First Big Step Toward Mapping The Human Brain” (WIRED)
☛ You can now stream Azure Blue’s new LP Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea & get lost in the 80s (The Line Of Best Fit)

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