Watch This Fascinating Look At The Art & Psychology Of Carefully Choosing A Brand’s Name

by • April 12, 2015 • Advertising, Business, PsychologyComments (0)3153

There is so much more beneath the surface of the brand names we encounter in our everyday lives. To understand this, one must first explore the hidden power and subliminal psychology of language itself. I recently wrote about this very subject in a post exploring the profound ways in which your first name affects the course of your entire life, and instantly shapes the way you are perceived by others. Nowhere is this concept understand more thoroughly than in the advertising firms of Madison Avenue. In a fascinating piece for CBS Sunday Morning, Lee Cowan sat down with David Placek, one of the masters of brand name psychology. His Sausalito-based company, Lexicon, is at the forefront of the brand name business and you can watch the report in full above. To learn more be sure to visit

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