The World’s Most Fascinating Global Clairvoyance Experiment Is Now Underway

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The human brain is the most powerful biological machine in the known Universe, and with each new profound discovery we make in the field of neuroscience it opens up even more mysterious questions.  One of the most complex being clairvoyance — the ability of some people to use extrasensory perception to know things they couldn’t possibly have known otherwise.  Now a new app-based global experiment is set to unlock the mysteries of clairvoyance, and give us deeper insight into perhaps the most remarkable skill known to man.  The app is called Shadow, and it allows users to record the details of their dreams upon waking.  The time-stamped dreams will be entered into a database which can be searched and queried globally — a resource which would have been invaluable on the morning of September 11, 2001 when so many people claim to have had vivid dreams of smoke-filled skyscrapers and plane crashes the night before.  Now with Shadow, any spikes in foretelling dreams will be tracked and monitored for correlation to any related events which may be around the corner.  You can learn more about Shadow and read an interview with its designer by visiting, and download the app to participate in the experiment by visiting

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