In 60 Minutes‘ fascinating new report on the secrets of living beyond 90, we learn that genetics play a surprisingly small role.  The results were collected from a data “goldmine” — a retirement community 45 miles south of Los Angeles of 14,000 people who had taken part in an elaborate survey of health and wellbeing back in 1981 when they were all at least 52-years-old.  The survey might have been long forgotten had it not been for a team of researchers who recently realized that it might be worthwhile to catch up with any of the survey participants who might still be alive.  After an exhaustive search, the researchers met up with each of the remaining participants — who are each now at least 85-years-old — and the survey was reactivated.  The results were nothing short of astonishing, as the team compared the participants’ data from 1981 to the data from today, and discovered some remarkable secrets into what it takes to live a long, healthy, and happy life.  From multivitamins, to sex, to alcohol, to weight gain — prepare yourself for one of the most fascinating health reports you will ever see (part 1 above, and part 2 below).  And for added interest, it’s always worth checkin in on the world’s oldest living yoga teacher, as well as the legendary Ama divers of Japan.

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