Dame Judi Dench stopped by Charlie’s oak table recently to talk about her role in the highly anticipated new Bond flick SKYFALL, and what began with my curiosity about Dench and her performance in the film quickly turned into an unforgettable admiration for two people who know a thing or two of how to get the most out of their golden years.

I’ve watched more Charlie Rose interviews than I can possibly remember, but what makes this one stand out among the best is how the talking points cover such a broad spectrum of what makes the human experience so rich and meaningful.  These two obviously get along like a house on fire because half of the 24-minutes is belly laughter.  And scattered amongst the giggles are some incredibly invaluable gold nugget lessons on the secrets to happiness and the fountain of youth.

From Judi’s thoughts on what made her marriage so magical, to the amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing career advice she and her husband gave to their young daughter, to why neither she nor Charlie have any plans to retire anytime soon — this interview is filled with some of the most extraordinary insights into life, love, and the pursuit of happiness that I have ever discovered.  That’s why it’s my latest FEELguide Classic.


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