Berkeley Engineers Develop Groundbreaking Seafloor Carpet System For Harnessing Ocean’s Energy

by • February 6, 2014 • ScienceComments (0)3716

Reza Alam is an assistant professor and expert in wave dynamics at the University of California, Berkeley, whose “sea floor carpet” engineering proposal is generating a lot of buzz worldwide.  His sophisticated system would absorb the bountiful energy of ocean waves via a thin sheet of rubber attached to a set of hydraulic actuators anchored into the sea floor.  The system is not only capable of generating electricity, it would also allow for the desalination of ocean water into clean drinking water.

Sarah Yang of Berkeley writes: “Alam estimated that one square meter of a seafloor carpet system could generate enough electricity to power two U.S. households. He added that wave energy from just 10 meters of California coastline, or about 100 square meters of a seafloor carpet, could generate the same amount of power as an array of solar panels the size of a soccer field, which covers about 6,400 square meters.”

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