I Just Tracked Down The Identity Of That Gorgeous Man In All Those Frank & Oak Ads

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Like countless other bloggers out there, year after year I am left scratching my head when it comes to the #1 secret in the universe — Google’s algorithm.  An ever-changing string of mysterious code, Google’s top secret algorithm is what determines which articles appear on the first page of a Google search (the true winners of the internet race).  And it’s also what determines which advertisements keep popping up on your screen over and over again.  For me lately, it has been the ads from Montreal-based fashion and accessories house Frank & Oak.  Usually I get annoyed by these kinds of things being shoved in my face for days and weeks and months on end, but there’s one good reason why Frank & Oak’s promotions are totally fine by me.  It’s all due to that mysterious model who appears in so many of their ads.  He is so yummy to look at, I almost feel a bit let down when a Frank & Oak ad doesn’t appear in the side box of my random Google searches.  After a bit of investigative research I finally tracked down his name, and the elusive mystery man is none other than “Daniel B.”  I’m not sure why Daniel B. doesn’t have a last name (although I am secretly hoping it’s “Bottom”), but nonetheless, I’ve found my man at long last.  As it turns out, this gorgeous hunk of perfection is repped by DULCEDO Model Management here in Montreal, with head offices situated at 209 Saint-Paul West down in the Old Port area of the city.  Looks like I just found my new favorite part of the city, folks.  Hopefully on that one-block stretch of Montreal I can manage to find some good breakfast, coffee, lunch, and dinner hangouts because I have a feeling I’ll be finding myself in that area much more often these days.  To enter the magical world of Daniel B. simply head over to his home page at DULCEDO.ca.  Definitely a perfect addition to my long list of Future Husbands.


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