Nestled in the lush forest just outside the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands is this stunning new home nicknamed VILLA L.  Designed in collaboration between Powerhouse Company™ and RAU, the three-storey home makes the absolute most of the pristine site and its gardens thanks to the designers’ impressive use of uninterrupted glass.

Sliding glass doors leading to the the outside add to the illusion of an invisible facade which is brought to life with a minimal, linear design strategy.  The green roof becomes one with its natural surroundings, and the hot & cold water storage and hidden PV (photovoltaic) cells make for a perfectly sustainable environmental design.  The basement is devoted to storage and guest rooms, as well as the indoor pool.  The design team at Powerhouse Company™ write: “With a maximum buildable envelope of three layers, including one subterranean, we resolved this paradox with a concept that is based on a radical differentiation of spatial experiences and characters per floor.  A house designed for the hectics of an evolving family – united yet fragmented, plural yet whole.”

As I was perusing these photos of VILLA L, I found myself listening to the very first track from David Lynch’s upcoming album The Big Dream, which is set for release in North America on July 16th.  The track is entitled “I’m Waiting Here” and features a beautiful vocal collaboration with none other than Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li.  Appropriately enough, to some day own a home like VILLA L is The Big Dream of mine, and I can’t help but think to myself this home is screaming out to me: “I’m Waiting Here for you, Brent.”  

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Sources: Dezeen and Pitchfork

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