FEELguide’s #1 Super Bowl Ad Is Budweiser’s Clydesdale-Themed “Brotherhood” Featuring Fleetwood Mac

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Of all the commercials aired during this year’s Super Bowl, my top prize belongs without question to Budweiser‘s “Brotherhood” from their new Clydesdale-themed campaign.  Ultimate Classic Rock writes: Fleetwood Mac‘s lovely, bittersweet 1975 song ‘Landslide’ provides the soundtrack to Budweiser’s 2013 Super Bowl commercial, which you can see in its entirety right here and now … As Stevie Nicks sings of changes and regret and getting older, we watch a heart-tugging montage of scenes tracing the relationship of a Clydesdale (and his loving breeder) from birth up until the day the horse gets the call-up to the big leagues, parading around in front of the famous Budweiser wagon.  The spot then cuts to three years later, with the breeder traveling to the big city just to see his old friend again, and … well, we won’t spoil the rest for you.”  You can watch Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” in full below.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood

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