International Team Of Researchers Re-Creating The Human Brain With $1.6 Billion Supercomputer Project

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The Globe And Mail is reporting that an international team of researchers is embarking on the most elaborate and expensive human brain computer simulation project ever attempted.  Reporter Ivan Semeniuk writes, “Boosted by a massive funding commitment from the European Commission, announced on Monday, the Human Brain Project is a $1.6-billion effort that will draw on a growing body of research about brain structure and function and aim to translate it into a multilayered supercomputer simulation.  While it is by no means the first effort to approximate the brain ‘in silico,’ the scope and scale of the project is beyond anything attempted to date … Co-ordinated from Lausanne, Switzerland, the project is expected occupy about 200 researchers at dozens of institutions around the world for a decade or more.”  Semeniuk spoke with Alan Evans, a professor of neurology at McGill University in Montreal and an expert in brain imaging at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and you can read the entire fascinating interview by visiting  For more information you can visit the mothership at  For more great stories regarding the human brain be sure to visit The Human Brain on FEELguide

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Source: The Globe and Mail

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