M83 is the French electronic band founded in 2001 by Anthony Gonzalez, and it’s perfectly fitting that a band created in the same year that inspired Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 magnus opus 2001: A Space Odyssey would name themselves after the spiral galaxy Messier 83.  M83 thinks big, and their rapturous music style can be so immersive and electrifying that fans (yours truly included) are often one goosebump away from euphoria-induced levitation.

So what better way to honor “WAIT”, one of the band’s most powerful songs to-date, than with an equally transcendental music video.  Minutes ago M83 released the brand new video for the song which was directed by FLEUR & MANU, and made in conjunction with the dream team at The Creators Project.  “WAIT”, taken from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, is the final episode of a trilogy (which you watch in full by CLICKING HERE).  The art of the music video continues to evolve in extraordinary directions, often times in parallel with cinema itself.  FLEUR & MANU have clearly taken this opportunity to create this love letter of sorts for two of the greatest directors of all time: Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick.  Inspirations from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Malick’s The Tree Of Life are beautifully woven together here with some incredible photography including the underside of a highway overpass, a white sand desert, and some children wise beyond their years.

Even though I just discovered this a few minutes ago, I knew before it was over that I had found my favorite video of 2012.  A major bravo to everyone involved in this — a stunning job well done.  To purchase your own copy of M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming simply head over to iTunes, and be sure to visit them at ILOVEM83.com.  To see more work from FLEUR & MANU you can check out DivisionParis.com.

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