The WOW Files: Artist Nandan Ghiya’s “deFacebook” Art Project At Galerie Paris-Beijing Is Blowing My Mind

by • December 2, 2012 • Art, VideoComments (0)2912

One of my favorite emerging trends in the art world are pieces inspired by the “glitch”, those accidentally distorted images which occasionally pop up during downloading or streaming (example ONE, example TWO).  Among my faves is the work of Kim Asendorf who directed the “motion glitch” music video for a.d.l.r.‘s track “Supreme Sunlight” (read more HERE).  But earlier this morning Yatzer caught my attention with their feature profile of the work of India-born artist Nandan Ghiya.  Nandan’s fascinating project entitled deFacebook is currently on exhibit at the Galerie Paris-Beijing, and you can get a sense of what to expect from the mind of this brilliant artist from a few examples of his work below.  To learn more about what you’re about to see you can read the full story at, and be sure to read Nandan’s bio and learn more about the exhibit by visiting  Below you will also find Kim Asendorf’s video for a.d.l.r.‘s “Supreme Sunlight”, and for an extraordinary adventure be sure to dive into Kim’s mindblowing glitchtacular website at

Source: Yatzer

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