a.d.l.r.’s New Video For “Supreme Sunlight” Is A Magnificent Gamechanger In Motion “Glitch” Graphics

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Kim Asendorf directed the latest video for a.d.l.r. (which is actually Nicholas Morera, a 22 year old musician from Laguna Beach, California currently residing in Los Angeles).  Foam on the Waves of Space-Time… . is Nicholas’ debut album and the third full-length release from Non Projects, his home label.  For the video, Kim uses a glitch graphic, pixel sorting technique which I have never seen before.  It produces a scraped, painterly effect that rivals even the best oil canvases.  Watching this video I was awe-struck and have to thank Planetary Folklore for always finding the most fascinating artists from the outer edges of the creative landscape.

You can hear more amazing music from Nicolas HERE and you can purchase this album on iTunes HERE.

Here is one of Kim’s animated “glitch” GIFs.  You can see more of them at Kim’s Flickr stream HERE:

Source: Planetary Folklore

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