Watch This Incredible Featurette Of How They Exploded That Football Stadium In “The Dark Knight Rises”

by • November 22, 2012 • Hollywoodland, MoviesComments (0)7630

Although I didn’t LOOOOOOOVE The Dark Knight Rises, there were several moments in the film that gave me the chills.  For instance, when the bridges of Manhattan were blown up it was a little bit too disturbingly real.  And the scene where Bane blows up that football stadium was unbelievably well done.  Paul Franklin was the Visual Effects Supervisor on The Dark Knight Rises, and in this newly released featurette we get to see exactly how they did it.  Turns out, it was a combination of visual effects (computer) and special effects (real explosions and construction).  You can take a look for yourself below, and judging from this I might have to pick up my own copy of The Dark Knight Rises when it arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on December 4th.

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