My Future Husband Dez Duron Performs Tonight For The Most Important Crown In Pop Culture History

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My biggest guilty pleasure these days is the 3rd season of NBC’s The Voice.  It’s the first time I’ve watched the show, and I have to thank Executive Producers John de Mol and Mark Burnett for introducing me to three of my newest favorite things in the Universe: 1) my newly discovered appreciation and love for Christina Aguilera; 2) my newly discovered appreciation and love for Adam Levine; and 3) my newly discovered Future Husband, ultimate sexual fantasy, former Yale University football player, and soon-to-be international pop superstar Dez Duron.

If you haven’t yet set your eyes on the most gorgeous man on planet Earth then you are in for one hell of a treat because this kid is sex on a stick.  And not only does he have a face sculpted by Michelangelo himself, but Dez’s voice is pretty much like a vibrator for your ear drums.  He is THAT good.  After months of moving up The Voice’s ladder Dez is in the Top Ten, and tonight we get to see him and the 9 future losers impress the judges, but more importantly impress those of us watching at home.

So Dez, I’ll be watching tonight at 8pm when The Voice goes LIVE!!!  And as with all of my Future Husbands, I send you my love, I send you my heart, and I send you my address and phone number.  For all things Dez Duron be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter, check out his YouTube videos, and read his bio at

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