Binders Full Of FORWARD: Barack Obama Re-Elected As 44th President Of The United States

by • November 7, 2012 • History, Inspiration, PoliticsComments (0)3638

At 11:14pm on November 6, 2012 President Barack Obama tweeted the words: “This happened because of you.  Thank you.”  And as NBC NEWS reported within seconds of Obama’s victory, this campaign run by David Plouffe will go down in history as one of the most impressive, sophisticated, and hard-earned victories in the history of American presidential elections.  The fascinating statistics of President Obama‘s win are still pouring in, but in the coming days we will have an even better understanding of just how impressive Obama’s re-election is from a historical context.  All-in-all it’s been an incredible process to watch, and Obama is finally positioned to reap the delayed rewards of his hard work and 4 years of policies.  Congratulations to President Obama, Vice President Biden, each of their families, and the entire team of Democratic strategists and staffers across America.  An amazing job well done, and a huge congratulations from everyone here in Canada!

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