My Love Of NBC’s “The Voice” Has Me Head Over Heels For My Newest Future Husband Adam Levine

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I’ve worked in the movie industry for nearly 10 years now, yet I still have no idea what makes people want to pay good money to go to the theatre.  It’s more than the starpower, it’s more than the story, it’s more than the director, and it’s more than everything else that goes into making one.  At the end of the day, there is some sort of unquantifiable chemical reaction that takes place in the brain of the potential viewer that signals him or her to want to see it.  And I would argue that television is even more complicated than the movie industry.  There are nearly 800 motion pictures released each year in North America, but when it comes to television episodes the number reaches the tens of thousands — yes, the chemistry is much trickier.

So why is it that someone like me who absolutely despises reality television has flipped in a major way for the 3rd season of NBC’s smash hit vocal competition series The Voice?  First off, the concept is pretty brilliant I must confess (the blind auditions, the red button, the turning chairs — so damn smart).  But on top of that there’s something to be said for the talent.  There’s some insanely talented singers on that show — and some insanely HOT ones as well.  My first brush with The Voice was one episode during the show’s previous season this past February where I happened to be in bed with the TV on a random channel and on mute when I looked up at the screen and was hypnotized by judge/coach Christina Aguilera’s gold glitter eye makeup.  It was so impressive I had to watch, and that’s when I fell in love with the contestant named Dez Duron who appeared in the very next shot.  The kid is just about the hottest thing in the entire universe and I confessed my love for him in a lengthy FEELguide story the following day entitled “Genie In A Bottle: Meet Dez Duron, The Hottest (And Sweetest) Singing Football Player In The Entire Universe” (NOTE: Dez is actually back in the show this year due to some sort of miracle, and this is what initially got me watching the show again this year).

But this year I’ve got my eyes on another one of the men from The Voice — judge/coach Adam Levine.  The beauty of these shows — for the stars of them anyway — is that the viewers get to see these superstars in a whole new light.  I had always heard Maroon 5 on the radio and knew Adam was a ladies man — but that was where my knowledge of the guy stopped.  Thanks to The Voice I’m getting to know my newest Future Husband on a deeper, more passionate level.  As far as the color of my love for Adam is concerned, I think maroon is the perfect choice.

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