Everything You Need To Know About The Full Size Millennium Falcon Replica Being Built In Tennessee

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Chris Lee is the mastermind behind the Full Scale Falcon project which is on course to construct a full scale interior and exterior replica of the Millennium Falcon starship from STAR WARS.  Lee is leading the exciting enterprise along with a team of friends and volunteers, which over the course of the next 5-7 years will build an exact copy of the ship on his 88-acre Tennessee property.  A 400′ x 400′ area is being cleared, and numerous pieces of the ship have already been built and are ready to be installed.  For the technical drawings, Lee and his team are using these STAR WARS blueprints as their guide.  Lee notes that the interior sets seen in the film would never have fit inside the exterior of the Millennium Falcon as seen in the movie, so he and his design team have made a few adjustments for the perfect compromise.  The final dimensions of the full size replica will be as follows:

 Length = 114 feet
 Beam (docking ring to docking ring) = 81.5 feet
 Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret) = 24.9 feet
 Height to top of dish = 30.9 feet
 Clearance (ground to landing gear bay level) = 7.8 feet
 Clearance (ground to outside of bottom of cockpit tube) = 13.1 feet

You can get more details on the Full Size Falcon project, including the latest photos and updates of what the team has built so far, by visiting FullSizeFalcon.com.  You can also follow the ship’s progress on Twitter, and if you wish to contribute to the project’s success simply CLICK HERE.  If you want to be even more of a par of the project you can email Chris directly at and join the team, simply email Chris at therealchrislee@me.com.  To purchase your own exclusive copy of the phenomenal new book STAR WARS: The Blueprints be sure to visit TheBlueprintsBook.com.

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