Ocean Pine Forest Picturesque Perfection: The Incredible “Residence Villa Noi” Of Phang Nga, Thailand

by • February 19, 2012 • ArchitectureComments (0)2045

Nestled in a drop dead gorgeous cove of trees alongside a sandy white beach in Phang Nga, Thailand lies the amazingness that is the “Residence Villa Noi“.  The home is, in fact, a single residence which has been broken up into a cluster of smaller houses in order to maximize the forest of pine trees around the site.  Several of the trees were even incorporated into the floor plan of the units and allowed to perforate the roofs.  Designed by Duangrit Bunnag Architects, each of the houses celebrates one particular material, namely brick, sandstone, red marble, wood and glass.  The concept has directly inspired me to celebrate one material inside my own apartment this afternoon: dirty laundry.  As of today, with a mountain of dirty clothes piled in the middle of my living room, which almost perforates my roof as well, I have temporarily renamed my home the “Residence Villa Nooooooo”.  To see more incredible photos of the Villa Noi be sure to visit 1 Kind Design, and to learn more about the incredible team of architects behind the design you can visit their website at DBALP.com.  For more great designs such as this be sure to visit FEELguide Architecture

Source: 1 Kind Design

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